I got my degree in people watching…

It was a joke I told in my undergrad to people who didn't quite understand what anthropology is (most people). While it is definitely a gross simplification of what anthropologists do, it turns out to be exactly what I do these days. 

I am working towards becoming an anthropologist and am currently finishing up my MA at Concordia University, Montreal. I am also a writer and every day I'm reminded how well the two go together. When I'm writing with art in mind, the only way I come up with anything worth while is when I've taken the time to watch and listen in the way a good anthropologist does. On the flip side, the only way I can justify writing about theory and continuing on the legacy of academia is if I write creatively. 

This website is where my two identities meet for coffee. Here, the storyteller and the anthropologist argue about how to best translate their experiences of the world into words. Here, my people (and space) watching gets turned into poems or stories or essays. But they come together best in the MTL Space & Place blog. There, I discuss my view of the world in the most grounded way I know how—through the little corners of the city I love so much. 

Words are a limited way to express the world, but they're the medium through which I express it best. So, here is the world through Alejandra coloured glasses. I hope you enjoy the view.